The Best AK-47 Skins Under $40 In 2024

The release of CS2 in the fall of 2023 marked a new era in the world of the most famous shooter. Thanks to the designers, your favorite skins are even more colorful and realistic. This is especially true for weapon skins, such as AK-47

AK-47 | Red Laminate


The ak red laminate differs from other skins with its red and ebony wood on the buttstock and some other parts of the body. In terms of wear and tear, scratches may be visible on more worn exteriors, but since the skin is partially wooden, the imperfections are not particularly noticeable. The price begins at $31.62.

AK-47 | Point Disarray


This skin has an average price and extraordinary brightness. Red, blue, black, and white geometric shapes are on the machine body with a 3D effect. In addition, the designers added black and blue paint to other parts, which looks very impressive in contrast.

The costs for the skin are:

  • from $18 for Factory New;
  • from $10 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $6 for Field-Tested;
  • from $8 for Well-Worn;
  • from $6 for Battle-Scarred.

When it comes to leather wear and tear, you may notice scratches and paint loss with prolonged use. However, most of the skin remains in good condition and can delight its owner.

AK-47 | Emerald Pinstripe


AK-47 | Emerald Pinstripe is one of the most budget-friendly AK-47 skins. The central parts of the skin seem to be covered with custom wood, and the remaining parts are complemented by abstract patterns of green and white stripes. Overall, the skin has a fairly basic and neutral color.

If you use it for a long time, you won’t see much of a deterioration since the skin isn’t covered with a large amount of paint, and so scratches or large gaps won’t be noticeable. The only thing that may catch your eye is the darker areas of the skin, but that is the only major drawback. The cost of this skin starts at $2.25.

AK-47 | Blue Laminate


AK-47 | Blue Laminate also has a fairly average price, so it was popular among CS:GO fans, and is now quite popular in CS2. The design is made in such a style that the butt, the handle, and the forend are made of wood in a blue-black color that resembles a wooden floor. The rest of the parts have not changed and are the standard black color. This combination looks brutal but is at the same time quite attractive.

If we talk about wear and tear, users will not spot any frayed parts, loss of paint, or other imperfections on the Well-Worn exterior. Since practically no bright colors are on the skin, and everything seems to be made of wood, there are no visible flaws.

If we talk about the cost, the Factory New exterior costs $9, while the Well-Worn exterior costs $10.

This collection contains interesting and budget-friendly AK-47 skins that will save your money. After all, many gamers want to try as many skins as possible. At the same time, not all skins are cheap, so it’s worth paying attention to budget options.

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