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Netflix That 90s Show Scoop on Season 2 and What Fans Can Expect

Netflix has officially confirmed that That 90s Show will return for a season 2, with production initially scheduled for 2023. Although the production faced disruptions due to Hollywood strikes, fans are hopeful for a release on Netflix in 2024.

Netflix's 'That ’90s Show' is Back Exciting Scoop on Season 2 and What Fans Can Expect
Back to the ’90s: A New Season of Nostalgia Awaits!

About the Series

That ’90s Show, a Netflix Original, serves as the sequel to the much-loved That ’70s Show. Directed by Gail Mancuso and crafted by the talented quartets Gregg Mettler, Bonnie Turner, Lindsey Turner, and Terry Turner, the series revisits Point Place. The narrative now follows Leia Forman as she reconnects with a new era of youngsters, all under the affectionate gaze of Kitty and Red’s ever-watchful eyes.

Netflix Renewal Confirmation

Official Renewal Status: Renewed
Netflix greenlit the show’s return on February 3rd, 2023, announcing 16 episodes for the upcoming season. While there’s speculation about multiple parts for these episodes, it remains unconfirmed. Netflix has previously adopted such a strategy for shows like The Upshaws and Fuller House. Bonnie and Terry Turner expressed their excitement, stating, “We here in Point Place are thrilled that we’re doing a second season. Going to Point Place last season was a real treat for all of us. We’re thrilled to return.” Gregg Mettler added, “All of us at That ‘90s Show were beyond excited by the warm, enthusiastic response to our first season. We can’t wait to return to Point Place for another summer of laughs and surprises. Hello 1996!”

Netflix's 'That ’90s Show' is Back Exciting Scoop on Season 2 and What Fans Can Expect
That ’90s Show S2: Ready for Another Throwback Ride?

Performance Metrics

That ’90s Show garnered significant attention, being featured in Netflix’s global top 10s for three consecutive weeks. Although it didn’t surpass some other Netflix megahits, the show performed commendably compared to recent sitcoms, with viewership even surpassing shows like BlockbusterThe Upshaws, and Mo.

Anticipation for Season 2

Season 2 promises more adventures as Leia returns to the iconic basement during the summer of 1996. The journey will see more bonding, heartbreaks, mischief, and delightful memories. As Leia manoeuvres through complicated emotions and relations, fans eagerly await the new episodes.

Netflix's 'That ’90s Show' is Back Exciting Scoop on Season 2 and What Fans Can Expect
Retro Vibes & Fresh Plots: Season 2 Premieres

Red’s Basement Dilemma

Despite Leia’s occasional departures, her friends continue to occupy Red’s basement, much to his chagrin. The upcoming season promises a hilarious dynamic between Red and the new generation.

More Eric in Season 2?

Fans missed Eric in the first season, but the upcoming episodes might offer more screen time for him, focusing on his efforts to bond with Leia.


Cast Lineup for Season 2

Most of the cast is expected to return, and speculations hint at potential appearances from the original That ’70s Show stars.

Release Date Speculation

Given the production delays, fans might have to wait until 2024 for the release of That 90s Show season 2. The initial filming schedule has faced setbacks due to strikes, but filming is expected to resume soon.

Netflix's 'That ’90s Show' is Back Exciting Scoop on Season 2 and What Fans Can Expect
Turn Up the ’90s Jams: Season 2 is Here!

Streaming Saga: That ’70s Show

Formerly a Netflix favourite, That ’70s Show made a move to Peacock in 2020. The reasons behind this shift, especially with Netflix producing the sequel, remain a matter of speculation. For now, viewers wishing to revisit the classic need a Peacock subscription.

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