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Did The That ’70s Show Creators Know Mila Kunis Was Lying About Her Age?

Mila Kunis admitted that lying about her age to get the role on That '70s Show was very real, but others behind the scenes might've already known.

Mila Kunis got her breakout role in the successful sitcom That ’70s Show. The experience led her to other successful roles in projects like Family GuyFriends With Benefits, and Ted.

However, there has been a prevalent rumor about Kunis’ audition process for a long time. The rumor being that Kunis lied about her age in order to get her foot in the door. While this has long been the subject of speculation, Kunis herself recently spoke about the rumor and set the record straight.

Mila Comes Clean About Her Nerves While Filming ‘That ’90s Show’ Cameo

Kunis repeised her role in That ’90s Show with husband Ashton Kutcher. During an interview on the Today Show, Kunis spoke about what it was like working with Kutcher. While speaking with Willie Geist, Kunis admitted to feeling a bit nervous while acting alongside Kutcher.

“I’ve never been more nervous in my life than the day that we had to shoot that scene,” she said.

When questioned how the shoot went, Kunis answered, “It was so weird to look at him and not be like ‘why are you doing that funny face?’”

The show’s opening scene takes place in the familiar Forman kitchen. The set has been kept exactly the same as in the original series. Donna and Eric return to the house with their teenage daughter Leia, played by Callie Haverda. They have come to visit Kitty and Red for the Fourth of July.

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Leia eventually meets several kids from the neighborhood, some of whom are the offspring of the other characters from the original show. This is how audiences are re-introduced to Jackie and Kelso.

Kunis said the experience of filming on the same set as That ’70s Show was “trippy.”

“It takes place in the same basement, but we’re old, and married, and have children. It was like being in The Twilight Zone,” she said. “It was very, very weird.”

Mila Kunis Says She’s Surprised With Who Her Character Ended Up With

While speaking on the Skip Intro podcast, Kunis shared her thoughts on the new series That ’90s Show. The actress said that she was very impressed with how the setting was updated from the original series.

“It was so weird because the stage is the same,” Kunis said. “The area that the show takes place in, the basement, the kitchen, Debra Jo [Rupp], Kurtwood Smith — that’s all the same. They updated it to make it look like ’90s Wisconsin, which is more like ’80s America, which is wonderful.”

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Kunis’ character Jackie is revealed to be married to Kelso, with whom they share a son. Kunis admitted to being surprised her character didn’t end up with Fez instead.


“I thought I ended up with Fez, and I’m all of a sudden with my super-duper ex over there,” she said.

Perhaps the series placed Jackie and Kelso together, because Kunis is married to Kutcher in real life. Kunis revealed on the podcast that it wasn’t love at first sight.

“We’ve been together 10 years and I still think this is crazy,” she said. “The crazy part is anyone that says, ‘Oh, I knew back then, the two of them the way they were.’ They are liars. Nobody knew. We didn’t know.”

Mila Recounts How She Lied About Her Age During Her ‘That ’70s Show’ Audition

According to the rumor, producers were only looking for older teen actors to play the roles in the show. Kunis was 14 years-old at the time of her audition, but told the producers she was 18.

“There’s a rumor going around that I may or may not have lied about my age,” Kunis said while speaking to Vanity Fair. “I’d like to make it very clear now that I did lie. I did.”

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“However, by the time I went to what was then a producer’s network call…you have to sign a contract before you get the job and in my contract I had to put an asterisk for ‘studio teacher,'” she added. “They were like, ‘What do you mean?’ And I was like, ‘Oh P.S., I’m 14.’ But at that point if you talk to the creators, they were like, ‘We loved you at that point so what did we care?'”


Despite the fact that she lied about her age in order to audition, the show’s creators Bonnie and Terry Turner were aware of Kunis’ real age by the time filming began.

“It was in the heyday of older kids playing younger kids and I was actually of the age of the character,” Kunis continued.

“I was never treated as lesser then. If I did by one of the cast members another cast member would stand up for it. The reason I don’t do drugs was because nobody on the set did. And I looked up to them at 14. The trajectory of my career could’ve gone any which way…but the set was cool.”

It was only up after Kunis’ time on That ’70s Show.

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