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When One Character Ruins Everything: 10 TV Shows Where One Character Spoiled the Whole Show

There's always that one character that absolutely ruins a show.

1. That 70’s Show (1998-2006)

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As the credits rolled for the final season of That 70’s Show, fans were left scratching their heads in confusion. Who was this new guy, Randy Pearson, and what had happened to Eric Forman? The addition of Randy to the cast was a risky move that ultimately backfired. Fans were outraged, with many feeling that Randy ruined the show. While Topher Grace’s departure was undoubtedly a loss, the show could have recovered if they had brought in a character that clicked with the audience. Unfortunately, Randy was not that character.

2. The Fairly Odd Parents (2001-2017)

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For years, The Fairly Odd Parents was a staple of children’s television. Kids everywhere loved the misadventures of Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents. The introduction of Sparky was the beginning of the end of the show. Fans were horrified by the idea of a talking fairy dog, and the subsequent addition of Chloe only made things worse. The show had lost its magic, and it was clear that the writers were grasping at straws to keep it going.

3. The Office (2005-2013)

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The Office was a beloved show, and the departure of Michael Scott was a blow to many fans. A fan of the show said that it ruined the show for them. However, others suggest that the show is still worth watching if you can get past Michael’s departure. While adjusting to the new dynamic may take some time, the show still has plenty of laughs and heart. It’s a new chapter in the story of Dunder Mifflin and one that shouldn’t be missed.

4. Top Gear (2002-2015)

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When Chris Evans was announced as the new host of Top Gear, fans were intrigued. After all, he had the charm and wit to match the previous host, Jeremy Clarkson. However, as soon as Evans stepped on set, it was clear that something was off. His performance was stilted and forced, and he lacked the natural charisma that made Clarkson such a hit with audiences. Fans quickly turned on Evans, and his tenure as host was short-lived. It was a disappointing turn for a show once a national treasure.

5. Blue’s Clues (1996-2006)

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When Steve left Blue’s Clues, it was like a part of our childhood had been ripped away. Steve was the soul and heart of the show, and his departure left a gaping hole that no one could fill. The following hosts were not up to the task, and the show lost its magic. For many fans, it was a sad realization that their favorite childhood show would never be the same again.

6. The Flintstones (1960-1966)

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The Flintstones is an iconic animated series that generations have loved. However, one fan’s devotion to the show hit a snag with the introduction of The Great Gazoo. They felt that the character was out of place in the prehistoric setting and took away from the show’s original charm and humor. For this viewer, Gazoo’s efforts to help Fred and Barney were not enough to justify his existence, and they felt that the show should have stuck to its original formula.

7. Misfits (2009-2013)

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When a beloved character leaves a show, it can be a real blow for fans. This was the case for a devoted watcher of the British show Misfits when Nathan, one of the original characters, departed. The viewer continued to watch, but the departure of the rest of the original cast marked a turning point for the show. The later seasons failed to capture the magic of the earlier ones, and Nathan’s absence was the catalyst for this decline.

8. Pokémon (1997-Present)

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“Gotta catch ’em all!” is a phrase that will be familiar to fans of the popular animated series Pokémon. However, one fan believes the show lost its charm when Brock was replaced. Brock played an essential role in the show for this viewer, and his replacement could not live up to expectations. The new character didn’t have the same appeal, and the show suffered.

9. Red Dwarf (1988-1999, 2009-Present)

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When a show introduces a new character, it can be hit or miss. For one devoted fan of the British sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf, adding Kochanski as a main character was a miss. Although Kochanski was introduced as Lister’s crush, her character quickly became a significant part of the show after replacing Rimmer. However, this viewer found Kochanski’s personality irritating and was pleased when Rimmer eventually returned, and Kochanski was written out of the show.

10. Super Why (2007-2016)

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Children’s shows can be a source of joy and entertainment for kids and adults alike. However, for one dedicated viewer of the show Super Why, the addition of Woofster could have been better. This viewer believed the dog added nothing new to the team and was bizarre. Many others felt the same way, and Woofster became a pointless addition that ruined the dynamic of the original characters. Despite this criticism, the show continued to air with Woofster as a regular character.

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