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“I haven’t paid any attention to that”: Matt Damon is Unfazed by Margot Robbie’s Barbie Aiming to Dethrone Oppenheimer Amidst Raging Internet Battle

If there is one thing that Matt Damon can be absolutely sure about, it’s the fact that we are all secretly Barbie girls living in a Barbie world. The highly engrossing debate that has overtaken the internet over the course of the past couple of months has witnessed the gladiator-like battle that pits two of the greatest filmmakers of this century – Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig – to determine the champion among the potentially two greatest cinematic pieces of modern times – Oppenheimer and Barbie.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

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Matt Damon Perks Up at Mention of Oppenheimer vs. Barbie

With all that has been going on in the industry recently, it is only fair that one of the partisans contributing to the great revolutionary wave of renaissance in Hollywood aka Matt Damon is actively missing out on the uproar surrounding the premiere date of Oppenheimer and Barbie. When asked about it, the Jason Bourne actor declared, “This is the first I’m hearing about it, actually. I haven’t paid any attention to that,” and, “People are allowed to go see two movies in a weekend. Oppenheimer is one of them!”

Matt Damon and Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer
Matt Damon and Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

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The actor, who has had his hands full with launching the new and revolutionary independent production house, Artists Equity, with his old friend and long-time cohort, Ben Affleck was also knee-deep in filming two of the most important films of 2023: Air and Oppenheimer. In the latter, the 52-year-old portrays Lieutenant General Leslie Groves, the US Army officer who not only oversaw the construction of the Pentagon but also served as the Director of the infamous Manhattan Project that forever changed the evolutionary course of mankind.

The Oppenheimer vs. Barbie Debate Rages On

Oppenheimer goes up against Barbie and the fans are having a field day. The debate surrounding the July 2023 premieres is not one that embroils itself in controversy or speculation or pretentious criticism. It is simply concerning the inextricable sense of discomfort and unease felt by the people for having to choose between Nolan and Gerwig. The Frances Ha actress/director for her part has never disappointed with the consecutive Oscar-worthy films over the past few years and Nolan, for his part, only gets better with detailing the intricacies that shape human existence.

Barbie (2023)
Barbie (2023)

And so, most of the audience who has not had the chance to go for a proper fiesta at the theatres for a very long time without it being about a superhero making heroic sacrifices on the big screen are having their prayers answered with a double scoop of a super sundae drizzled on top with extra caramel. But the overload of sensory goodness – with the neurotic brilliance and ingenuity of Nolan’s Oppenheimer and the sheer wit and delight of Gerwig’s Barbie – seems a bit too much, not that we are complaining. At all.

Oppenheimer and Barbie will premiere on July 21, 2023

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