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Robin Williams’ Charitable Causes

Williams was an avid supporter of charitable causes, donating and serving over 50 charities and causes.

August 11, 2014, was a dark day for many when the world lost the light that was Robin Williams. Known for his chaotic energy and caring soul, Williams played countless roles that were beloved by audiences. While not often commented on during his life, Williams was an avid supporter of charitable causes, donating and serving over 50 charities and causes at the time of his death. His money may have been spread among dozens of locations and causes, but his time spent in these memorable charities really spoke to his caring and considerate soul.

8Stunning Secrets With Seattle

Robin Williams may have come across as public and extroverted, however, the comedian kept a lot of things close to his chest. One such secret took place between 2004 and 2008 when the actor raised close to $50, 000 for a Seattle food bank without saying a word. Rather than flaunt his donations and assistance to the food bank, Williams went on to donate proceeds from his 2007 and 2008 shows directly to the organization to do his part to help those in need.

7Robin Williams Kept Close With The Christopher Reeve Foundation

Though not widely known during their lives, Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve were about as close as two people could be. Having met at Julliard when they were assigned as roommates, the duo remained close until the death of Reeves in 2004. In 1995, Reeves suffered an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down and, while things looked rough, Williams was the first to step in and make his friend laugh again. As a result of their close relationship, Robin Williams was quick to jump into the Christopher Reeve Foundation, which focuses on finding treatments for paralysis, going on to join the board following Reeve’s death.

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6A Charity To End All Charities

Robin Williams’ kind spirit extends beyond existing charities. Wanting to do more than just provide personal donations, Williams and his second wife, Marsha Williams, came together to found the Windfall Foundation. The organization exists to serve other causes, extending finances and finding grants for a variety of causes. Raising funding for Doctors Without Borders, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Pediatric Aids Association, Project Open Hand, and many more, the Windfall Foundation serves to support charitable causes in need.

5Appreciating The Arts

Despite never completing his degree at Julliard, the school held a special place in the heart of Williams as he found a lifelong friend and a number of skills during his time in those halls. As a result of his love for the institution and understanding that some people are unable to financially compensate for the classes and time there, Williams set up the Robin Williams Scholarship for Julliard students. The scholarship supported the cost of a single drama student each year. Actress Jessica Chastain believes she owes her career to this scholarship as it helped her through school to reach her now multiple Oscar nominations.

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4Williams Supported The Troops

Robin Williams clearly understood the power of laughter and believed that in bringing humor to others, he could lighten their days for a few moments. One prime example of this was during his tours of the Middle East with the USO. Williams toured with visits to Iraq, Afghanistan, and 11 other countries a total of five times to boost the morale of the troops serving. He spent a total of 12 years involved in the organization.

3He Made Wish After Wish Come True

The magic of childhood always held a special place in Robin Williams’ heart and, as a result, he greatly supported the work of Make-A-Wish. His own organization, the Windfall Foundation, raised money for Make-A-Wish to assist the company in funding the wishes of those without much time left. Williams himself was a special wish of a young girl in 2004. The comedian chartered a plane to bring the girl out to visit for the day, choosing to speak in the voice of her favorite character, Mrs Doubtfire, while playing cards and watching a football game together.

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2Comic Relief In Times Of Stress

One cause close to Williams’ heart was Comic Relief. The actor was heavily involved in the organization that aimed at assisting the homeless population in the United States. Robin Williams first participated in 1986, when he teamed up with Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg to host the marathon event, working with one another to constantly keep the audience engaged and donating. The trio became a hit and worked together to host every telethon event through to the last event in 2010.

1Serving St. Jude’s

One of Robin Williams’ most public supports went to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Williams proudly volunteered time, money, and service to support the children’s hospital, even appearing in commercials and announcements for the organization in 2004. Williams was known to entertain the kids and families in the hospital, never charging for his time or routine. Following his passing, his daughter Zelda raised money for St. Jude’s through a live-play gaming fundraiser. Donations flooded far beyond her goal as fans of Williams joined together to support his daughter and the causes he adored.

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