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Is Clint Eastwood preparing for his final film?

After over 50 films and six decades spent in film, an extraordinary career looks set to come to an end.

Clint Eastwood’s time as a legendary actor and director may be coming to an end.

The 92-year-old has been exclusively directing for Warner Bros since ‘Gran Torino’ was released in 2008, which was one of 10 films he directed for the studio, including ‘American Sniper’ and ‘Sully’.

According to new reports, Eastwood’s next film is being billed internally as the last of his career, but it’s unclear whether he will fully retire after the film is made as the actor still has some doubts.

After a long history with the Warner Bros studio, it only makes sense for his final feature film to be written, directed and shot by him.

What is the name of the project?

Details are vague at the moment, but sources suggest that the movie will be titled ‘Juror #2′, a thriller centred around a juror who, while listening to the case, realizes he may be the murderer and is left with the moral dilemma of turning himself in or manipulating the jury.

Though Eastwood is set on writing, directing, and potentially even acting in the film, no one is quite sure if it will truly be his last film as he hasn’t personally stated such intentions.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise as the four-time Oscar winner is about to turn 93 and has spent over five decades in the director’s chair.

‘Juror #2′ will be Eastwood’s 40th directed film, complementing a legacy behind the camera alongside his storied acting career.

In addition to Best Director and Best Picture wins for ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby’, Eastwood’s one-take method and knack for delivering films under budget have distinguished him from other directors in Hollywood.

He has also earned Academy Award nods for films such as ‘Mystic River’ and ‘Letters From Iwo Jima’.

It’s reported that a certain “young Hollywood star” is being eyed for the lead role, but that no casting has yet been made official. Eastwood is likely to star in his film as he tends to, so fans should get excited for what may be his final acting hurrah.

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