Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses: What happened to Jevon actor Steven Woodcock from EastEnders role to still getting heckled in the street by fans

The actor who played the role in the iconic BBC sitcom is still getting recognised 40 years later

Last year, the famous BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses celebrated its 40th anniversary, after it first appeared on our screens in September 1981. Set in working-class Peckham and running until 2003, it has repeatedly been named Best British sitcom and has remained popular with viewers.

To celebrate the special milestone, actor Steven Woodcock, who played Rodney’s pal Jevon between 1988-1989 spoke to the Daily Star about his life since the iconic show. While he only appeared in five episodes of the show before landing a long-term role in EastEnders, Jevon was often mentioned by other characters long after his last appearance.

His character’s legacy has continued to go on, and he revealed that he still gets recognised by fans “all the time”. The 58-year-old revealed: “There’s not a day I’m gonna go out and not get called ‘Jevon’ from across the street”. Even children have spotted him across the street and have joined the adults in heckling him.

Steven behind the scenes with the cast of Only Fools and Horses in May 1989

“Even the little kids, they say, ‘Jevon, you play Jevon, don’t you?’ You know, it’s constant”, he added. Whilst some celebrities hate the attention they would receive from a sitcom they were in 33 years ago, Steven has taken it all in his stride and is aware that receiving fan attention is just part and parcel of being an actor.

“I don’t mind it. I actually quite enjoy it,” he admitted. “I was in the business, I was in television, and you’re going to be noticed. It’s wonderful to get noticed for something that people actually really appreciate. I love it, to be quite honest”. Only Fools and Horses has not decreased in popularity in recent years, and a West End show has recently been staged in central London, drawing tens of thousands of people.

“It’s surprising to me that after 40 years, we’ve still got young people who are really interested in the programme… five-year-olds that know I played the character of Jevon. It’s quite amazing to see a show that’s moved through the generations”, he said. According to him, the sitcom “has turned into a cult”, which is all down to its “totally amazing” fanbase – who he’s always keen to meet at conventions.

After leaving OFAH, Steven went on to play Clyde Tavernier in the soap opera Eastenders, a role he played from 1990 to 1993. His prominent storylines included being framed for the murder of Eddie Royle, before he was eventually written out and given a happy ending.

His other television credits include Grange Hill, The Lenny Henry Show and Casualty, and he is also a known musician and writer.

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