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Mrs Doubtfire Robin Williams deleted scenes will make you sob

MRS DOUBTFIRE is back on TV screen today and still makes us laugh and cry, mainly thanks to Robin Williams' extraordinary performance. But two additional scenes were deemed so powerful and upsetting that they were cut from the original film. Watch them below, hankies at the ready.

Williams had the rare gift of being able to reduce you to hysterics with machine gun gags, riotous impersonations and physical comedy but also have you sobbing with emotional gut punches. His iconic turn as Mrs Euphegenia Doubtfire, aka divorced dad Daniel, was beautifully supported by Sally Field as his ex-wife Miranda, along with a gaggle of adorable moppets as the kids, led by lisping child star sensation Mara Wilson. The film’s already an emotional rollercoaster but these two additional scenes are so raw, they are almost unbearable to watch. Scroll down to see what we mean.

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