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Here Are Robin Williams’ Best Movies Of All Time (And Where To Watch Them)

Given his eccentric & successful career, it's impossible to narrow down Robin Williams' best roles, but he always knew how to make a movie better.

There are only a handful of actors as iconic as Robin Williams. While many know him as a comedian who played an array of comedic characters, he was so much more than that. In fact, Williams often dabbled in dramatic films and pulled them off. A feat that is not easy for successful comedians.

Robin Williams got his start on TV playing Mork in the sitcom Mork & Mindy but quickly made the jump to the film industry where he found great success. During his career, Robin Williams starred in over 50 films and was nominated for countless awards.

Given his eccentric and successful film career, it seems almost impossible to narrow down his best roles, but we’ve done it. Here are Robin Williams best films and where you can watch them:

15 Mrs. Doubtfire Is A Comedy Classic (Hulu)

Mrs. Doubtfire is arguably one of Robin Williams’ more iconic comedic roles. The film follows Daniel Hillard (Williams,) a divorced father who pretends to be Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire to spend time with his children who he’s been forbidden to see without supervision. The role earned Williams his third Golden Globe win for acting.

14 We All Wish John Keating Was Our Teacher After Watching Dead Poets Society (Amazon Prime Video)

John Keating (Williams) radically transforms the way his students at an all-boys preparatory school think by challenging them to be true to themselves and their dreams. The film was a success and gave birth to one of the most iconic scenes of all time in which the characters stand on their desks and recite Walt Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain.”

13 Good Will Hunting Gave Robin Williams His Long Deserving Oscar Win (Hulu)

One of Williams’ greatest drama films is Good Will Hunting, where he plays therapist Sean Maguire who is legally assigned to give Will Hunting (Matt Damon) treatment after an incident with a police officer. While the movie was described as “predictable” by several critics, it still was a massive success. In fact, it was the only film Williams won an Oscar for despite being nominated four times.

12 Robin Williams Is The True Survivor Of Jumanji (Amazon Prime Video)

Before The Rock and Jack Black took over the franchise and made it modern, Robin Williams was the original player of the Jumanji board game. Williams plays Alan Parrish who has been trapped in the board game for 26 years. The film became a cult classic despite mediocre reviews from critics.

11 Robin William Portrays A Radio DJ In Good Morning, Vietnam (Amazon Prime Video)

Williams won his first Golden Globe for acting in a film for his portrayal of Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning, Vietnam. In the film, Cronauer is sent to Vietnam to raise the spirits of the troops fighting in Vietnam. The film was praised by critics and viewers alike, which is uncommon for films nowadays.

10 Aladdin Wouldn’t Have Been The Same Without William’s Genie (Disney+)

One of Williams’ most iconic roles saw him animated into a blue genie for the Walt Disney animated film Aladdin. Despite its cultural reverence, Williams was displeased with Disney after the film’s release because they disregarded an agreement the two parties had made, stating that Williams’ name or image would not be prominently used for the marketing of the film.

Peter Pan Must Save His Children From Danger In Hook (Amazon Prime Video)

Robin Williams returned to the world of family-friendly films when he was cast as an adult Peter Pan in Steven Spielberg’s Hook and returned to Neverland to save his children who have been kidnapped by Hook. The film is the sixth-highest grossing pirate film of all time, despite only making a profit of $50 million for the studio.

Robin Williams Opens His Own Medical Clinic In Patch Adams (Amazon Prime Video)

Williams stars at Hunter “Patch” Adams who is expelled from medical school because of his comedic ways of handling patients and instead opens up his own medical clinic. While the film was nominated for the Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes, it was hated by critics.

Night At The Museum Made Us All Wonder What Happens In A Museum When It Closes (Hulu)

While not the main character of the Night at the Museum film franchise, Robin Williams stole the show with his portrayal of former President Theodore Roosevelt. Williams reprised his role for the film’s sequels and the final film was one of the last roles Williams had before his untimely death.

One Hour Photo Shows What Happens When You Get Too Involved With Clients (Amazon Prime Video)

Williams tackled the thriller/drama genre as Sy Parrish in One Hour Photo. In the film, Parrish’s mental state begins to dissipate as he notices one of his loyal clients is cheating on their spouse. This film helped Williams stand out against his comedic roles and established him as a serious actor.

Flubber Is A Kid’s Classic (Disney+)

While Flubber is one of Disney’s lowest-rated and lowest-earning films of all time, Robin Williams became a favorite amongst child audiences for his portrayal of Professor Philip Brainard. The film is a remake of the 1961 Disney film The Absent-Minded Professor and relies on gag comedy to tell its story. The film is severely underrated.

Robin Williams Once Again Plays A Doctor In Awakenings (Amazon Prime Video)

Another one of Williams’ dramatic roles sees him playing Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a doctor who works with cationic parties and bonds with Leonard Lowe (Robert De Niro,) one of his patients. After discovering a drug might be able to reverse their effects, Sayer turns his patients into a test study. Despite a profound performance, Williams was snubbed during the awards circuit.

RV Is An Underrated Robin Williams Classic (Hulu)

One of Robin Williams’ lesser-known comedies is the 2006 family comedy, RV. In this film, William plays Bob Munro, a family man who derails his family’s planned Hawaiian vacation to take them on a road trip so that he can land a massive deal at work. Despite its appeal to some, the film earned a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Excuse for Family Entertainment.

Robin Williams Must Overcome The Loss Of His Wife In The Fisher King (Amazon Prime Video)

Robin Williams was able to blend his comedic and dramatic skills together when he was cast as Parry in the 1991 film The Fisher King. The film follows Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges) as he befriends Perry, a homeless man grieving the loss of his wife that Lucas is responsible for. Many critics hailed the film for its ability to be both heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time.

Robin Williams Plays A Gay Drag Club Owner In The Birdcage (Amazon Prime Video)

One of Williams’ more eccentric film characters is Armando Goldman from the 1996 comedy film The Birdcage. In the film, Armando is a gay drag club owner who is pretending to be straight to impress his son’s future father-in-law who just so happens to be a conservative Republican Senator.

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