Only Fools and Horses

The Only Fools and Horses actor who starred alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic

Ewan Stewart starred in the BBC sitcom before his role in hit movie Titanic

The Only Fools and Horses episode ‘In Sickness and in Wealth’ first broadcast on the BBC back in February 1989, yes – it really has been 32 years!

The hilarious story follows Derek Trotter as he’s suffering from mystery stomach pains and admits he’s scared of seeing the doctor.

Meanwhile, Elsie Patridge holds a seance with Del Boy, Trigger, Boycie, Rodney, Mike, and Uncle Albert in the hall above The Nag’s Head pub.

Del is given a message from his late mother Joan which prompts him to pay the doctor a visit about his health and he’s consequently sent to the hospital.

Whilst Del rests in his hospital bed, he’s seen by Doctor Robbie Meadows who informs him that he’s suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

He’s warned to lead a much healthier, and less stressful, lifestyle before being sent home to rest.

The part of Doctor Robbie Meadows was played by Ewan Stewart, and he looks very familiar.

Ewan is a well-established Scottish actor with a career spanning decades and had a long list of television and film credits under his belt.

However, movie buffs will recognise Ewan as First Officer Murdoch in the blockbuster film Titanic.

The 1997 movie, starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, saw Murdoch as the officer in charge at the bridge when the Titanic struck the iceberg.

Ewan Stewart as First Officer Murdoch in Titantic:

Murdoch frantically gave orders in a failed attempt to avoid a collision with the iceberg.

After the Titanic smashed into the iceberg, he was then put in charge of the starboard evacuation and coordinating passengers to safety in lifeboats.

As Murdoch helps with escape efforts whilst the famous ship submerges in water, he shoots two passengers before standing on the edge of the vessel’s deck and shooting himself in a heartbreaking suicide scene.

Titanic was one of Ewan’s most prolific movie roles however, he went onto star in catalogueother films and series.

In the early 90s, Ewan Stewart starred in The Bill and The Advocates before playing DS Chris Moorhouse in Silent Witness (2000), John Stevens in P.O.W (2003), John Burke in Taggart (2008), and various roles in Rebus in the 2000’s.

The Advocates television programme drama Starring Isla Blair and Ewan Stewart (Image: Scottish Television)

The 63-year-old has also played Cartwright in The Interceptor (2015), Michael Hogarth in Vera (2017), and Bob Price in Things I Know to Be True (2017), amongst many more television appearances.

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