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That 70s Show Actor Wears Fez Costume in Video Hyping 90s Show Return

Wilmer Valderrama, who played Fez on That '70s show, dresses up in one of his '70s costumes to hype his return in Netflix's That '90s Show.

Wilmer Valderrama hypes his return in That ’90s Show by dressing up in one of Fez’s ’70s-style outfits. Valderrama was one of the main stars of That ’70s Show, starring in all 200 episodes of the show between 1998 to 2006. The actor starred alongside Topher Grace (Eric Forman), Laura Prepon (Donna Pinciotti), Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde), Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhart), and Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso), who made up the core group of characters growing up in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin. While That ’70s Show was very successful for Fox for eight seasons, the network couldn’t repeat the success with That ’80s Show, a 2002 spinoff series that only lasted a single season.

Netflix is now trying to bank off the original series’ popularity by creating That ’90s Show, which ties directly to That ’70s Show. Netflix officially announced the series in October 2021, which revolves around Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia visiting her grandparents Kitty and Red (Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith) in the summer of 1995. Initially, it was unclear if the original cast would make cameos in the show, but it was recently revealed that everybody from the core group will return, except for Masterson. Netflix also just released the first look at Red and Kitty’s updated look in That ’90s Show, which no doubt sparked interest in the series despite it not having a release date.

Now, Valderrama is also hyping fans up for his return in That ’90s Show. The Fez actor recently posted a video of himself pulling out one of his old costumes from That ’70s Show as he gets dressed to the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. Valderrama’s hilarious video can be seen in his original post below:

While That ’90s Show already showed potential with Rupp and Smith having recurring roles, the return of Grace, Prepon, Kunis, Kutcher, and Valderrama have really sold fans on the sequel series. Following Leia Forman would have been interesting enough since it confirmed Eric and Donna did indeed end up together after That ’70s Show’s finale. That ’90s Show will no doubt put more focus on Leia and her friends as Netflix tries to create another group of memorable teenagers, but it would have been a mistake to not include the original cast at all.

Part of That ’70s Show’s charm was the constant pop culture references and wild ’70s clothing, so it’s interesting to see that Valderrama still has access to Fez’s wardrobe. Since the new series takes place 20 years after fans last saw the main cast, Eric, Donna, Jackie, Kelso, and Fez will be wearing ’90s garb instead, which could sometimes be just as wacky as the ’70s. Netflix will likely include Eric and Donna in marketing material to promote That ’90s Show, but the reveal of the other main characters could be saved until the series drops on the streaming service. With that in mind, it will be worth keeping an eye on Valderrama’s social media accounts to see if he shares anything new about That ’90s Show.

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