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Fans Wished Robin Williams Had Played This Role In ‘Harry Potter’

One of the most exceptional things about the ‘Harry Potter‘ movies, when they began in 2001, was definitely the young cast who became global superstars and grew up bringing the franchise to life. The movies would be completely different if any of the cast were changed — but that still doesn’t stop fans from wishing Robin Williams had been a part of the franchise.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the surrounding characters were all perfectly cast for the eight-movie franchise, and no one can deny that the adults were outstanding too, such as Alan Rickman, who fans believe deserved an Oscar for every role he played in his career, was a spot-on choice for Severus Snape.

It’s safe to say that everyone from the ‘Harry Potter’ cast did an amazing job with bringing the characters as they are in the wildly famous books to life.

Part of the perfect casting choices for ‘Harry Potter’ was a British-only rule. In other words, only British actors were allowed in the roles, and the rule was so serious that American director Chris Columbus had his daughter cast in a small role in ‘Harry Potter’, but she wasn’t allowed to speak due to not being British.

The same rule that silenced Columbus’s daughter also resulted in Robin Williams being rejected from the film.

Fans Wanted Robin Williams As This ‘Harry Potter’ Character

This only-Brits rule meant that favorites from the States did not stand a chance. As expected, the internet went nuts when discovering that Robin Williams had been rejected from ‘Harry Potter’, and this news prompted sub-Reddit discussing characters that Robin Williams would have been perfect for, had he been cast in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies.

Robin Williams wanted to play Hagrid, and undeniably, the Jumanji actor, who seemed gentle, made people feel comfortable in his presence, and liked to make people laugh, would have made the perfect Hagrid.

But it’s also hard to imagine anyone but Robbie Coltrane playing the gentle half-giant, as he was also that actor that ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling had in mind for Hagrid too.

Surprisingly, there’s another character that fans think Robin Williams would have been perfect as – Professor Dumbledore.

“I could see [Robin Williams] as Hagrid or Dumbledore,” one Redditor began, which prompted another to disagree, saying that Williams would have made a bad Dumbledore.

“But [Williams] had that twinkle in his eyes that Dumbledore was described as having,” one Redditor pointed out, “and I could envision him being lighthearted most of the time but becoming scary on the RARE occasions when he had to put his foot down (as in fighting Voldemort or interrogating Barty Crouch, not “calmly” asking Harry if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire).”

“Why not Lupin?” one Redditor responded to another who said they couldn’t imagine Williams as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor from the third ‘Harry Potter’ movie.

“Have you seen Dead Poets Society? Or even Good Will Hunting? His portrayal of a mentor with an insight into the pain the world can deal a person makes him great for the role of the reluctant werewolf!”

Could Robin Williams Have Played This Character From The ‘Harry Potter’ Books?

Robin Williams was notorious for making audiences laugh until they cried. His non-stop mind brought joy to millions. He mastered the skill of comedic timing and knew how to perform a flawless slapstick-type routine.

One of his best performances has to be in Mrs. Doubtfire, as the dad trying to get back to his kids by disguising himself as a nanny.

Fans are used to seeing Robin Williams in roles of the hero (Jumanji, Hook), the teacher or guide (Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society) or the loveable jokey voice of reason (Aladdin) — but Robin Williams’s talents definitely lay in making people laugh, suggesting that he would have made a brilliant Peeves if only they’d have had the poltergeist with a fondness for pranks and winding students up from the ‘Harry Potter’ books in the movies.

But of course, Robin Williams would have excelled in any role in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, but he definitely deserved a leading role. He undoubtedly would have made a good Dumbledore, especially if Dumbledore in the movies had stayed a little more true to the books, where Dumbledore is undoubtedly quirkier and odder.

It’s something fans will never see, however, and thinking of Robin Williams is always bittersweet, as he is still dearly missed, and will forever be remembered as the actor who brought so much joy to the world.

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