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That ’90s Show Will Continue That ’70s Show Season 8’s Only Good Change

Season 8 of That '70s Show may be regarded as the weakest installment, but it did introduce one good change for That '90s Show to continue.

That ‘70s Show season 8 declined in quality as it closed out the original series, but the season did introduce one good change that will be continued in That ‘90s Show. After the poor reception of That ‘70s Show season 8, fans were able to regain excitement for the series with the announcement that a sequel series, That ‘90s Show, following Eric and Donna’s daughter, Leia, was being created by Netflix. With the Formans’ iconic That ‘70s Show basement, a new era, and Red and Kitty Forman returning as main characters, That ‘90s Show can amend the blunders of the original series’ final season.

After seven years on air, That ‘70s Show was presented with a couple key changes regarding its main cast members, which posed a significant problem for the final season. Toward the end of That ‘70s Show season 7, both Topher Grace (protagonist Eric Forman) and Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso) departed the series. With the central figure and resident beauty-without-brains comic relief character gone, That ‘70s Show had to reframe the prominence of its remaining characters while also bringing in a new cast member to replace the missing personalities.

While the adjustments for That ‘70s Show season 8 largely didn’t work, one change made the season worth it: more Kitty Forman. With two of the original main characters gone in That ‘70s Show season 8, Red and Kitty took on more prominent roles than before, which gave them the ample screen time and emotional conflicts their characters always deserved. Since all of That ‘70s Show’s teens were adults out of high school by season 8, Red and Kitty were also able to have more significant roles in the larger storylines involving the entire ensemble cast. With Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) returning as main cast members for That ‘90s Show, the sequel series is continuing season 8’s great change of focusing more on their roles, particularly Kitty.

Since the rest of That ‘70s Show’s original actors won’t return in main capacities like Kitty and Red, the Forman parents will also have the unique role of being the key bridge between the two series in That ‘90s Show. Now as grandparents, Red and Kitty will be seen navigating the teenage lives of a entirely new generation, which introduces an entirely new slate of conflicts for the iconic characters to explore. Rather than repeating the first few seasons of That ‘70s Show in which Red and Kitty were primarily utilized to support the storylines of the teens, That ‘90s Show will be following in season 8’s direction of showcasing their own personal experiences as equally important aspects of the series.

While Red always had a significant portion of That ‘70s Show’s screen time, season 8 was the installment that finally gave Kitty Forman her much-deserved spotlight. That ‘70s Show season 8’s changes primarily led it to be considered the series’ weakest season, but its greatest source of redemption was the justice is gave to Kitty’s character. Red is sure to maintain his surly demeanor with Leia and her teenage friends in That ‘90s Show, but the sequel series can dive deeper into Kitty’s excitement over having a group of young friends back in her home again. Kitty always longed for a close relationship with a daughter due to her strained relationship with Laurie, so after also becoming closer with Donna in season 8, That ‘90s Show can fulfill Kitty’s wish by depicting her bond with her granddaughter, Leia.

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