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Robin Williams’ Brother Had A Secret Role In One Of His Biggest Films

Robin Williams’ brother had a cameo in one of the late actor’s most beloved flicks. 

If you watch the credits for Mrs. Doubtfire, you’ll spot that a man called Dr Toad played the role of the bartender – who cracks the incredible ‘drive-by fruiting’ line when they’re at the pool. 

But in real life Dr Toad was actually Robert Todd Williams – Robin’s older brother. 

Playing the role of a bartender was something of a natural fit, as Robert was the founder of a well-known US winery.

Robert Todd Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Credit: 20th Century Fox
Robert Todd Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Credit: 20th Century Fox

Sadly, Robert – who was better known as Todd – died of heart failure in 2007 aged 69. 

Speaking about his death at the time, Robin said: “Toad left a big footprint with a cork, or as a friend said, he left a great trail.”

Opening up about this late brother’s great sense of humour, he added: “It’s in the genes. 

“Toad was outrageous, maybe even more than me. Hard to believe, but it’s true.”

Legendary comic Robin took his own life in August 2014, aged 63. His death prompted an outpouring of grief from across the world. 

In the years following his death, numerous celebrities have revealed touching tales of encounters they had with the star. 

Amongst them was singer Pink, who said the comedian improvised a 15-minute comedy set after noticing she was upset at missing out on a Grammy in 2013.

Speaking to Billboard, she said: “I was with Carey [her husband], and I was holding on to his arm so f***ing tight because I wanted it so bad.”

Robin Williams. Credit: Alamy
Robin Williams. Credit: Alamy

Once the winners were announced, Pink broke down and that was when the late Williams stepped in with an improvised performance for the emotional singer.

“He made fun of everybody that walked by. He was so compassionate and lovely to me that it ended up being one of my favourite moments of my career.

“I was so glad I f***ing lost. My Grammy would be sitting down at my guesthouse collecting dust, but I have the memory of Robin Williams being an amazing person.”

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