Tom Selleck’s 10 Best Roles, According To IMDb

From Friends to Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck has had many iconic roles over the years but which of them do fans on IMDb rank as the best ever?

Tom Selleck has been a big-name actor that has managed to create legions of fans in each new generation. There’s no denying his iconic stature, right down to that signature mustache that has helped define the actor across a multitude of roles in different movie genres, from action thrillers to laugh-out-loud comedies.

At first glance, he might appear like a victim of typecasting, but there’s a lot more to Tom Selleck than meets the eye. IMDb has tracked the actor’s entire career and scored his best performances across both film and television. No matter what the role, Selleck seems to fit right in, charming audiences right across the board.

10. Mac Traven / The Shadow Riders (6.8)

Tom Selleck and Family Guy guest voice fave Sam Elliott are pretty much the perfect pairing; two mustachioed leading men who look like the authentic Western article. It’s no surprise they performed so well together in The Shadow Riders, a story about two Civil War brothers who must rescue women from a group of rogue Confederates seeking to sell them into slavery.

The film earned a respectable 6.8, thanks largely in part to its excellent, high-energy action sequences, a stellar cast, and a brisk runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. It’s the right mixture of Western gunfighting, horse chases, and period clothing that will make any fan of the genre sit up and take notice.

9. Mike Beaudine / The Movie Murderer (6.9)

Arthur Kennedy teamed up with Selleck in one of his earliest roles, way back in 1970, playing the character of Mike Beaudine. Kennedy’s character Angus MacGregor investigates a series of arson attacks that may be perpetrated by someone seeking to destroy all prints of a rare art film.

Beaudine is sent to keep an eye on MacGregor, and take advantage of the situation should he falter in his investigation. As the movie progresses, the two learn to work together to solve the mystery and reveal the arsonist. It’s odd seeing such a young Selleck in this groovy 70s film, but that’s part of the fun.

8 .Matthew Quigley / Quigley Down Under (6.9)

The concept of the American Western was flipped upside down when Tom Selleck starred in Quigley Down Under. To date, it’s one of the most charming and unique cowboy films ever made, thanks in large part to exciting action sequences, a stellar cast (featuring the late Alan Rickman), and a totally unique setting.

Rather than take place in America, the film switches locations for Australia, hence the film’s title. Matthew Quigley is invited to come to Australia and take on a contract that would utilize his expert marksman skills to kill off the local aboriginals. Rather than accept, he goes on the offensive against his nefarious would-be employer and his gang.

7. Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise (7.3)

Selleck has made quite a lucrative role for himself as Jesse Stone, a made-for-TV movie series based on Robert B. Parker’s series of detective novels. To date, a total of nine films have been made, with a tenth waiting in the wings, demonstrating just how well cast Selleck is in the role.

The last film to come out was Lost In Paradise, which hit 7.3 on IMDb. In this film, Stone goes after a serial killer (played by the late Luke Perry) who may be responsible for a series of grisly murders. He later unravels a plot involving evidence tampering and a cover-up.

6. Divorce Wars: A Love Story (7.4)

Before becoming a household name thanks to Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck starred in this 1982 made-for-TV drama about a divorce lawyer named Jack Sturgess whose own marriage is falling apart. It’s a difficult situation for anyone to go through, but it’s twice as worse for Selleck’s character who is surrounded by it on all sides.

The film shows the pettiness and resentment that can occur during a divorce and the lengths to which couples will go in order to harm each other but, as difficult as the subject matter is, it’s a true-to-life drama that has clearly struck a chord with audiences.

5. AJ Cooper / Las Vegas (8.0)

Selleck made his debut on the hit drama show Las Vegas as AJ Cooper, a former Vietnam Black Ops Marine who went on to become a hugely successful billionaire thanks to ventures in real estate, cattle ranching, and a Californian tech company.

He ends up taking over the Montecito and getting involved with the show’s characters (specifically Piper) before it is insinuated that he dies in a plane crash, which turns out to be false. Selleck made good on the role with the episode “A Hero Ain’t Nothing But A Sandwich,” which scored an 8.0 rating.

4. Ivan Tiggs / Boston Legal (8.1)

The dramedy series Boston Legal had its fair share of incredible actors, and Tom Selleck was a great fit for his brief but memorable role as Ivan Tiggs. This wealthy womanizer had a history with the character of Shirley, played by Murphy Brown lead Candace Bergen, and tried rekindling their relationship in the midst of his engagement to another woman named Missy.

He used a clever ploy to try and turn things around, but Shirley got creative with a prenup agreement that ended up costing him all of his money. The only thing he had left was the possibility of going back to Shirley, but she rebuffed him outright, leaving him alone in a restaurant with nothing to show for it.

3. Dr. Richard Burke / Friends (8.9)

Selleck surprised everyone when he made guest appearances on a series of Friends episodes during the 1990s. He played Dr. Richard Burke, an ophthalmologist who gets involved with Monica, who is 21 years his junior. He made his first appearance in the episode “The One Where Ross And Rachel…You Know,” which struck up an 8.9 rating on IMDb.

The two eventually broke up after Burke revealed that he wasn’t looking to have kids with Monica. They’d try to make it work a second time but to no avail. Finally, Burke made one final move on Monica in season 6 but ultimately backed down in favor of allowing her and Chandler to make things work.

2. Thomas Magnum / Magnum P.I. (9.1)

Selleck will forever be tied to the role of the suave and cool Thomas Magnum, a private investigator lucky enough to stay in a great house in Hawaii and drive a beautiful Ferrari 308 GTS. It’s the typical dreamy 1980s action/drama show, with Magnum offering his services as a private investigator in return for some incredible digs.

The series ran for eight seasons in total, with the show topping out at 9.1 on the IMDb score. It was the vehicle that helped put Selleck on the mainstream map, making him a household name.

1. Frank Reagan / Blue Bloods (9.2)

Tom Selleck has made a huge name for himself on top of an already illustrious decades-long career in the thrilling police series Blue Bloods, which has hit a high score of 9.2 on IMDb. The show began in 2010 and continues to this day with Selleck in the role of Frank Reagan, the police commissioner of the NYPD with a family fully invested in law enforcement.

Selleck turned the character into a cultural icon for his portrayal of the tough, intimidating, and stubborn Irish commissioner, who always seems to do the right thing. His morality is unwavering, his dedication to policing is incredible, and his ability to fend off both criminals and politicians alike is great fun to watch.

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