“Two and a Half Men”: how has been the career of actor Angus T. Jones, the funny Jake

Angus T. Jones earned a place in history playing the hilarious Jake from “Two and a Half Men.” Along with Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, he starred in the television series that ran for more than 12 seasons. Despite being remembered as the funny boy and teenager from the sitcom, the American actor ended up criticizing the series and his life changed when he became attached to the Christian religion.

Angus T. JonesBefore entering the famous series, he played the heir of “George of the Jungle”, In 2003, next to the protagonist Brendan Fraser. Then, he was called up for the show they starred in Sheen and Cryer, like the little Jake, the son Alan who lives the divorce of his parents and the adventures of his uncle Charlie.

The award-winning young actor became one of the child stars best paid at the moment. His participation in the show became increasingly celebrated by critics and audiences. His irony, added to his innocence, put in a bind the adults who starred in the show Chuck Lorre.

However, years later, he reneged on his job in “Two and a Half Men “and said it was a”filthThat people shouldn’t see. This happened in a context in which he approached the Christian religion. His interviews with different media, in 2012, were of repentance and attacks against the content of the series.Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer (left, top) and Angus T. Jones were the stars of one of the most popular sitcoms of recent years: “Two and a Half Men”. (Photo: CBS)


According to his own statements in different media, Angus T. Jones adhered to the Christian faith after reading the Bible and realized that he had done wrong when he was younger and was part of the cast of “Two and a Half Men”.

The American actor ended up leaving the show at the season 10 because it felt “hypocrite”. Fiction manufactured an outlet for the character of Jake moving to Japan to leave his family dysfunctional. Thus, Angus dedicated himself to his religion and also began to study first a specialization in the environment and then in Jews at the university.

Since then, he has not been seen performing in other productions, has stayed away from the industry, although it is not ruled out that it may return, and he apologized for attacking “Two and a Half Men” and said it was one of the best jobs he has ever had, according to his statements in 2016. He also participated in the series finale as an adult, family man Jake who returned from Japan.

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Angus T. Jones keeps his private life almost a complete mystery. It is known on its own in Instagram that he has a younger brother whom he loves very much. After that, there are no more details because their posts are usually collages.

What is known by the American media is that lives in los angeles and that he served as president of entertainment of Tonite, which is dedicated to live events, where it unfolds as a kind of producer. In 2021, T. Jones will turn 28 on October 8.


The actor Charlie Sheen, who played Charlie in “Two and a Half Men”, had problems with his addictions and, in 2011, when the season of the television series stopped, he did not want to go to rehabilitation. This generated a verbal conflict with the creator of the show Chuck Lorre, who ended it. firing, according to international media.

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