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Fans Say Mila Kunis’ Role On ‘That ’70s Show’ Reveals A Problem In Hollywood

Debuting on ‘That ’70s Show’ did huge things for young Mila Kunis’ career. It’s an undeniable fact that the show launched her career, leading to tons of big roles and countless opportunities. Mila probably also appreciates that the show’s set is where she met her husband, even if it took them some time to reunite after the show ended.

But there’s one fact about Mila’s casting on the series that fans say reveals a much bigger problem in Hollywood.

Of All The Issues In Hollywood…

People know that a lot of rotten things happen in Hollywood. Not everyone is a good person, even if they’re really great at playing one on-screen (or, in some cases, behind the camera). So when it comes to all the scandals that emerge, some seem lesser than others.

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Which is why when it was finally revealed that Mila Kunis lied about her age to get a gig on ‘That ’70s Show,’ people guffawed at it and sort of let it go. Some people did think it was creepy that Mila had an on-screen kiss with someone much older, since her age was actually assumed to be 18 when she started the series.

As it was, Mila was fourteen but lied about her age to get the gig. And the producers loved her; she was perfect for the role. This means that possibly they would have glossed over the detail of her age, had they known. The thing is, fans think the casting folks probably did know and didn’t care. And that’s an issue.

Mila’s Age Was Never Confirmed

Unfortunately, fans know that plenty of awful things have happened to kids on movie and TV show sets, regardless of their age. There was the whole Dan Schneider scandal, and who really knows how bad that was.

Even beloved films like ‘Little Rascals’ have since been dragged for allowing kids to be hurt on set. While Bug Hall’s comments about his experiences on the set are one thing, the entire movie is problematic for its casting of little kids in a film with a romantic plot that required a five-year-old to flirt with and kiss an eight-year-old.

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So in the scheme of things, Mila lying and saying she was 18 at age 14 doesn’t seem like such a crazy stretch. But as fans point out, it suggests a larger problem in Hollywood: who is verifying anyone’s background information when they’re cast?

If producers really didn’t know Mila’s true age, why not? And if they did, why did they totally lie and treat her as if she was 18, and make her kiss someone who was 19?

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